Intended Audience

Py6S is an interface to the Second Simulation of the Satellite Signal in the Solar Spectrum (6S) radiative transfer model, and therefore the use of Py6S assumes some familiarity with the 6S model and the concepts behind atmospheric Radiative Transfer Modelling for remote-sensing applications.

The best resources to gain some familiarity with these topics are:

  • A basic remote sensing textbook for information on the use of Radiative Transfer Models (look in your local academic library)
  • The original paper on 6S by Vermote et al
  • The 6S manual, particularly the first section which introduces the conceptual basis of the model (the later parts document each function in the original Fortran code, which may be less useful), here.

Py6S is a Python module, so you will need to have a basic understanding of Python programming to use the model. Don’t worry too much though - you can use the model without being a Python expert! Some good tutorials for basic Python programming include LearnPython and the Google Python class.